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I recently delivered the keynote where longtime YMCA executive director Kirby Falkenberg was honored with the prestigious Chiaravalle Award.


Before the event, insiders told me Falkenberg had not missed a day of work from any job he held for decades - actually going back to elementary school when the measles kept him home.


One time he suffered a huge rash of poison ivy after weekend yard work. His legs were "swolled up something fierce," as my Uncle Everett would say.


What did Kirby do? He showed up for work Monday in a suit and tie  . . . . . . . . and shorts.


An icon of steadiness in his community, Kirby shared that he gets up at 4:15 each morning and is on his knees praying until 5. He leaves at 5:30.


I thought to myself, I am always talking about the importance of Quiet Time in the morning, but 45 minutes on his knees?! Man!


Kirby shared that when he opens his lunch sack at the Y, there is always an encouraging love note from his wife . . . and that they never end a conversation without saying, "I love you."



- Charlie Adams, Motivational Speaker
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