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How to Build
a Positive Attitude

and keep the darn thing!

stoke the fire within book




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A Guide to Igniting Your life

stoke the fire within book




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Charlie Adams Motivational SpeakerBiography

Charlie Adams is the author of 4 books on positive attitude and peak performance, including "How to Build a Positive Attitude and KEEP the Darn Thing!" and "Stoke the Fire Within!"


Charlie is an expert at helping people rejuvenate and strengthen their positive attitude and to stay 'on fire!' In 2014, people are more stressed than ever. They are being asked to do more with less. It's hard to stay positive. Charlie comes in and shares practical tools to help with work/life balance, thoughts, wellness, team spirit and along the way kindles their flames within. His genuine belief in people, his compelling stories, and his hilarious reflections of how he stayed positive in the wild world of medium market TV News keep audiences on the edge of their seat for his entire presentation!


In many ways, he is a product of the remarkable people he had access to as a Golden Microphone award-winning Sports broadcaster and Positive News Reporter. During a television news career that spanned a quarter of a century, Charlie interviewed thousands of peak performers about where they got their "fire within" and how they were able to stay as positive as possible. His books and keynotes are built from the secrets they shared with him over the years.


charlie adams motivational speaker

Charlie is the author of multiple books on motivation and humor:

  • travels with charlie

    "Travels with Charlie"

  • i didn't know you were so tall

    "I Didn't Know You Were So Tall"

  • stoke the fire within

    "Stoke the Fire Within"

Charlie interviewed one on one the likes of Burt Lancaster, Pat Summitt, Michael Jordan, John Grisham, and many other well known achievers. He gained valuable insights from the hundreds of positive news features he compiled at television station WSBT TV in South Bend. With a bent for telling the stories of the common person, Adams found their positive attitudes to be anything but common.


He found himself interviewing people like Brett Eastburn, born with no arms or legs, but has never considered himself disabled. Or Ril Miss, a woman who was blind. Rather than focusing on what she couldn't do, she found work in the Dark Room of a local Hospital. Every day, Adams was around people with a fire, and with championship attitudes. Now, he shares their stories with audiences to ignite events and to equip people with tools they can take away and put to use in their life.


Charlie is a native of Oxford, MS. He holds a degree in Education from the University of Mississippi.


Charlie delivers Stoke the Fire Within to educators at staff in Juneau,

After delivering a program to open a Bank's Retreat, Charlie emceed their 'talent' contest. Here, the Bank President shows how he can snap up a clothes tape measurer with a snap of the wrists!


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