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A Boy, His Pink Bat, and His Teacher

Charlie Adams with Collin Bobo and his mother Kellie

Speaking in Columbus, Ohio I had the honor to meet a remarkable young man who is a great example of what can happen when the fire within is stoked. Collin Bobo is an eleven year old baseball player who is a great example of what can happen when the fire within is stoked.


When Collin learned his elementary school teacher, Sheila Downing, had breast cancer, that fire within him was kindled immediately. "I made the decision right then that I would use a pink bat all baseball season," he told me. "It came up in my heart to honor her."


Keep in mind this is an eleven year old boy. Walking up to home plate with a pink bat is not the most macho thing in the world. "If anyone wants to make fun of me, I don't care," he told me with conviction. "I am doing it for a good cause."


11 year old Collin Bobo, his pink bat, and his teacher Sheila Downing


(photo courtesty of The Columbus Messenger)

This was totally his decision. "I knew his heart was big," says his mother, Kellie, "but this really shows it. I tear up when I think of what he is doing."


The young boy found out how to have his bat changed to pink. He found a store that could air brush it. He also had a pink ribbon painted with the words "Raise for a Cure" on it.


His actions have led to a movement. His Groveport Youth Athletic Association teammates have asked if they can all wear pink batting gloves this season. People and organizations from all over are going to donate one dollar a hit - or whatever they decide - for each hit Collin gets this season. "People are pledging what they can," said Collin.


Collin's teacher, Sheila, was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer. She has already undergone surgery, chemo and radiation treatments. She gets misty eyed every time she tries to talk about what her student is doing for her.


The youth baseball season starts later this month. Eleven year old Collin will walk up to the plate with a pink bat. I doubt there will be a dry eye in the place...


If you would like more information on how your or your organization can make a pledge based on how many hits Collin gets with his pink bat, you can email his mother Kellie at:


Or, you can make a specific donation payable to the SUSAN G. KOMAN for the Cure Columbus Affiliate CIRCLE OF HOPE (COLLIN BOBO) You can send that to 855 Grandview, Suite 250, Columbus, Ohio 43215 phone # 614-297-8155 fax: 614-297-8152



- Charlie Adams, Motivational Speaker
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