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Realistic Resolutions

Although some people scoff at New Year's Resolutions and make fun of them, I have always felt there is merit to them. If anything, they provide an opportunity to make positive changes.


I have never been for starting them January 1st or 2nd. Start them mid January. Use the first two weeks to build speed. Then, when January 18th or whatever date you set arrives, you will mean business.


In my opinion, it's best to start with nutrition and what you eat with your mid January start and then move into fitness resolutions after you have had success with improved diet.


I have always felt that if you take on a few realistic resolutions, you will have success and move on from there. For example, the last couple of January's I made these realistic resolutions regarding diet, and have done a pretty good job of keeping them:


*Go to Whole Wheat bread instead of White Bread and Lite Mayo instead of regular Mayo. No drastic change there. I was able to handle that without flipping out.


*3 apples a day. I usually get at least two and eat about 600 apples in a year. Before the resolution I bet I didn't eat 20 apples a year. I am no nutrition expert, but I know enough about phytonutrients that I know it's good to gobble apples. One corporate friend I have puts two in the car and eats them on the way to work. 


*Green Tea instead of Diet Coke. No Pop in the house except for social events. It's amazing how much more water and Great Tea I drink. Of course, now that I'm drinking so much water I have to have a PortOLet standing by me when I deliver motivational talks. "Excuse me, before I make that third point on the Keys to Success, I will be riiiight back..."


*Reduction of good ol' fast food. I suggest watching the 2004 DVD Supersize Me as a family. Our family did and all of us have cut down bigtime on fast food. It will impact the way you look at that food for the rest of your life.


Notice I didn't make an overwhelming resolution to only eat radishes, beets, spinach leaves and turnip greens starting Jan. 1st! I took on a few realistic resolutions and have stayed on track . . . pretty much.


Again, Resolutions Season is an opportunity to make positive changes. Don't scoff at Resolutions. Just don't try to bite off more than you can chew.



- Charlie Adams, Motivational Speaker
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