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The Power of Initial Spin

In June of 2010, the Arizona Multihousing Association is going to have me deliver the Stoke the Fire Within keynote and How to Build a Positive Attitude and KEEP the Darn Thing!! seminar at their annual apartment industry trade show and conference event.


One of the parts of the Attitude program is something that has always worked for me. It is what is known as "Initial Spin." It's how you first shape everything that comes at you. It's important, because it sets the tone. It forms the foundation for the attitudes that will follow.


There is the story of the English family in World War II that scampered into their bomb shelter as Nazi planes approached. As they huddled under the ground, the planes destroyed their home. Upon emerging the father held his family as he stared at a huge crater where their house used to stand.


"I've always wanted a basement," he said. "Now we have the foundation to build one!"


THAT's initial spin. He took as positive of a perspective that he possible could. His wife may have shot him a look like he was loopy, but he knew his family needed an initial positive spin.


In October of 2006, Albright United Methodist Church suffered tremendous damage in a fire caused by a lightning strike. The congregation gathered with great sadness. They had reason to be down. The Pastor realized their despair and used Initial Spin (although I would imagine he had a better term for it) at that critical time. He predicted that the fire damage would bring the people closer together as they rebuilt. And it did. He predicted that it would bring in new members. And it did. People who had been thinking about going to the Church suddenly showed up. A Church band had disbanded before the fire. Encouraged by his words, they came back together and are now stronger than ever. Their name? "After the Fire." The Church has been rebuilt and looks better than ever.


Peak Performers process things with an initial positive spin that builds on their commitment and determinate to reach excellence. Sometimes it means rolling up the sleeves right away and getting down working to solving the problem. Sometimes it means building everyone else up with "glass half full" logic. Whatever the case, they don't roll their eyes and show any signs of exasperation. They know that a lot of life will be "a bear" and the perspective they take for the challenge is critical to beating it!


I was in Columbia about a year ago hosting a Group Travel trip for Edgerton's Travel. We were riding in a bus to get to canoes to explore Mangroves. The bus ride was over very bumpy roads. The guide used initial spin on us:


"Think of this as you are getting a free massage," he said.


Everyone laughed.


One time I met a lady who did not get married until her 70's. This was her spin:


"Charlie, I never thought of myself as an old maid. I thought of myself as undiscovered treasure."


There were two shoe salesmen who went to a remote land. They discovered thousands of people that had never had shoes. One salesman called the home company and in a gloomy manner said, "Aw, send me home, they don't wear shoes here."


The other shoe salesman had a different spin when he called his home company:


"Send shoes! They don't wear them here!"


When David met Goliath, his success came from his faith in God that his aim would be accurate, but he also could have gone with this spin: "He's big, but he's SO big, I can't miss!"


One of the favorite quotes of Dr. Seuss has a spin to it. One time at a funeral home people were paying their respects. The family of the deceased had a Dr. Seuss saying by the casket:


"Don't be sad it's over, be happy that it happened."


If you want to earn a doctorate in perspectives, strive to be like the fellow who went to Las Vegas with his wife. He left their room to go down to play a little roulette. He took two dollars with him. He laid a bet, and won. He kept winning and winning to the tune of $50,000. He started to head back up to the room when he decided to do one more double or nothing roll. The winning streak ended with a thud. The $50,000 was gone. As he walked back into their room his wife looked up and asked, "How did you do?"


"I lost two dollars."


Now, that's perspective!


"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity: an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."- Winston Churchill


- Charlie Adams, Motivational Speaker
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